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Carlton Tate has a dedicated practice of accessing capital from non-conventional capital providers and high net worth individuals who have shown to be a more reliable capital source than conventional finance sources, which have become unavailable and inconsistent.

Our firm manages capital on behalf of its Limited Partners who do not have the time, network or expertise to access value-added real estate opportunities.  Our investors look to Carlton Tate to provide diversification in their investment portfolio while taking advantage of strategic real estate market opportunities.


Carlton Tate’s mandate for real estate investment is broad, spanning: direct investment; restructuring of financial obligations; development, redevelopment and repurposing; and repositioning assets.  Across this field of opportunity, the firm’s investment style relies upon…

  • The sourcing of proprietary transactions through strong alliances, nurtured over three decades.

  • Uncovering niche opportunities often ignored by others, such as investments that are fundamentally sound but overlooked because of temporary capital dislocations, perceived complexity or market timing deployment.

  • Our focus on the intelligent management of real estate risk as a path to resilient and consistent performance.

  • Investing across property types, and consistently re-assessing our strategies to maximize positive returns for our investors.

  • Engaging constancy, flexibility, single-minded focus and execution with an openness to opportunity.

  • Adapting investment decisions swiftly to shifting economic and development realities.

  • Timely divestiture of investment holding in order to significantly reduce market shift exposure and to maximize returns.

If you are interested in becoming an investment partner with Carlton Tate Group, please complete the contact form below and a member of our Investment Relations Team will contact you as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your interest.

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