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Carlton Tate Group is an  international real estate investment and development group with offices in Miami, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada. The company is a vertically integrated organization established to combine over 30 years of real estate development, construction and management expertise with disciplined investing, acquisition and development of commercial, residential and mixed-use properties. Our expertise in these disciplines allows Carlton Tate to leverage market opportunities into performing assets with an eye to value-added strategies and returns on investment through the strategic development  of well appointed commercial, luxury residential and mixed-use properties.

Carlton Tate Group has a proven ability to generate consistent returns for its investors and possesses an intimate understanding of the development process from land planning, feasibility analysis, design development and construction to project leasing and disposition. Our reputation for high integrity, general expertise, tactical flexibility and superior quality has been the cornerstone of our success, giving our partners and investors confidence in our ability to fulfill our commitments and exceed all expectations.

The Principals of Carlton Tate began investing and developing commercial and residential real estate in 1990 and have successfully developed, constructed and managed over 12 million square feet of commercial and residential properties with an aggregate value of over $2 billion. Our long-term experience gives us the insight to turn our vision into profitable investments with consistently positive returns.

The end goal is to capitalize on market efficiencies, creating value through strategic acquisitions, cost effective development or redevelopment and well-timed divestitures for consistent returns for our investment partners.


Our strategic real estate strategy focuses on real estate opportunities where a great deal of repositioning, development and renovation is usually required, allowing us to implement value-added and opportunistic capital policies across a clearly defined range of geographical markets and product types that provide a highly marketable asset for short term disposition. This strategy allows us to limit our exposure to market swings while at the same time targeting a higher rate of return than more conservative long term real estate investment strategies.  Our carefully selected assets are chosen for their uniqueness and sought-after location or destination allowing Carlton Tate Group to create unforgettable boutique residential and commercial properties.



At Carlton Tate Group we have the expertise to assess complex investment and development opportunities and the ability to then execute swift decisions on qualified transactions with creative and beneficial structures.

Our financial advisory group handles each analysis in the most professional manner starting with a thorough assessment and understanding of our investment requirements and goals. The team then develops highly customized solutions along with time management plans for implementation and completion of the strategies.

Investment and development bring a steady diet of challenges and opportunities. Proactive, thoughtful consideration of those risks and rewards requires a unified team, leveraging diverse skills to collective victory.


Pre-construction analysis helps establish milestones and critical path criteria for project schedules and budgets.  This enables us to focus on problem avoidance and delivery of cost-effective, predictable and profitable results.  We provide effective planning and construction management through seamless coordination and communication with tireless attention to detail.  Carlton Tate oversees the entire development and construction process from planning through completion, occupancy and then disposition.


As part of our value-added approach, Carlton Tate works with future and existing tenants and owners in analyzing their corporate needs, providing the ability to help determine building and facility solutions for build-to-suit.  Carlton Tate’s commercial expertise ranges from large campus multi-building facilities to free-standing single tenant buildings and multi-tenant developments.


Over the years Carlton Tate Group and it’s key executive team have been a part of award winning developments including luxury projects in Hawaii, California and the beautiful resort areas of Aspen and Telluride, Colorado. International luxury residential projects in Guam and now the Caribbean are a major part of Carlton Tate’s most recent expansion in the creation of exceptional boutique residences in award-winning resort locations.


The Carlton Tate Group is a unified team, joined together by a deep commitment to creating valued places to live, work, and play that are a strong basis for solid investment returns.

Our long-standing relationships provide a diverse network of operating partners to draw upon, such as property experts, consultants and financial advisers. While, as a firm, we place tremendous emphasis on our direct investment and development control, these partners expand our reach and allow us to better leverage the time and talent of our Principals.  In the end, it’s about having disciplined people implementing innovative strategies in a principled way — people implicitly trusted by their investment partners to protect their interests and maximize the value of their investments.

At Carlton Tate our entire group possesses the willingness to dig harder to find the best deal, the most promising property to develop and invest where the opportunities are most rewarding.

R. Shawn Helda – President and CEO

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